Smatcher Hill Climb for Vintage Cars

This year’s Smatcher Hill Trial is being held on Saturday 10th October from 12.00 pm with over 100 pre-1930 vintage cars competing in the event.  Refreshments and parking are here at the Old Station Caravan Park and as usual all proceeds are donated to the Wales Air Ambulance.

Vintage Car Smatcher Hill Climb

Vintage Car Smatcher Hill Climb

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  1. Can I also just ask – on the vintage sports-car club website, it states there is a Welsh rally at Prestigne this weekend. Is this the same thing as the Smatcher Hill race? or do they start in Prestigne first, or finish in Prestigne, or is it a separate thing altogether? Sorry – just wanting to show our boys this amazing collection of vintage cars, and didn’t want to miss anything.

    • Its the same Welsh Rally. The cars are based at Presteigne and can be seen here on the Saturday and another venue on the Sunday. Pop in and see us in the Tearoom if you come.